Parents and Individuals

What parents and individuals are saying about the I Create What I Believe! program.

“…I have more confidence and optimism about overcoming and moving through obstacles now. I have also had some major breakthroughs about my underlying my thoughts and beliefs. I feel I am more aware now, and can confront these things with greater ease…”

M. H., Massachusetts

“I recommend the I Create What I Believe! program to anyone who feels stuck. You don’t need a crowbar any more; all you need is a crayon. These delightful tools can help you open up your inner treasure and create a more joyous life.”

Elizabeth Fenwick, “I am passionate about painterly photography”

“What can I say? Nancy Marie has done it again! Who would have thought that drawing with crayons could open new paths towards health and healing? It’s such a subtle shift, working on a cellular level, but nonetheless a major one. In my life, people have been quite vocal as to the changes that have taken place. My own blood pressure has lowered by twenty points on both ends. Not to mention the heightened sense of intuition that I’ve been experiencing since I began I Create What I Believe!. No need for explanations or hype – the results speak for themselves. And it’s such an easy method of ‘internal house cleaning’. ‘Scribbling’ is NOT just for kids anymore!”

DJK, New Jersey

“The I Create What I Believe! workshop was a wonderful experience and catapulted me forward. I appreciated that Nancy Marie was sensitive to each participant and to the uniqueness of the group. It was quietly powerful.”

Penny Crowe, California

“From the view point of a 42 year old male, husband and father of three, a former Army Medic and Nurse, Firefighter, and Kaiser Nurse Case Manager, I feel compelled to endorse and spread the word of the I Create What I Believe!instruction and of Nancy Marie! I find that the method has profound beneficial implications, in all of the various roles, professions and venues that I had and currently enjoy. The instruction and application is so simplistic yet profound in depth.”

Michael Beery, California