Veterans and PTSD Survivors

What veterans and PTSD survivors are saying about the I Create What I Believe! program.

“About a year-and-a-half ago I attended a weekend of “I Create What I Believe!”. When my friend invited me I thought it was a financial workshop. I quickly realized it was about getting in touch with what was actually holding me down and making my heart and life feel heavy.

Nancy showed us how to draw some mandalas. The first day I couldn’t draw one because I couldn’t see the connection between north, south, east, or west. She reassured me that it would happen when my mind was ready. Then she sent us home with what I call a “lunch box.” I called it a lunch box is because it contains books and art supplies that fed my “inner me.” I tried drawing the mandala several more times with no success.

As I focused on the activities Nancy presented, my inner dialogue quieted down. Suddenly I felt this weight just lift off of me. I could see something that was bothering me. I still didn’t understand it but at least I could see it, and once you can see it you can work on it. I am a Vietnam veteran with PTSD. I am in a group every week.

As we were talking Nancy suggested we to take crayons and draw what we felt. As I listened to her my inner self drew a mandala without me even concentrating. That felt like a landmark for me. I had no idea until that moment how always on-guard I had been. Once I got that little lift I began letting other things in. I also found that things didn’t bother me in the same way anymore.

I discovered that I had still been looking at life from the perspective of a 19-year-old boy and not a 63-year-old man. I had been making my decisions from the same viewpoint I had when I went to Vietnam. Now I can make my decisions from the adult part of me and include my child as well.

I personally highly recommend the I Create what I believe! Program – especially for veterans. If this could help me after all of these years, I am sure it can help others who want and need to make changes in their life.”

A.P. (PTSD survivor)

I didn’t realize how deeply this program was affecting me until I began seeing things on my daily walk I had never seen before. It was then that I realized I felt so safe that I no longer needed to be hyper-vigilant; consequently, I am seeing and enjoying more of life. When I do find myself in a stressful situation, I just draw the patterns I learned either in my mind, on my leg, or even with my foot. It feels like I am clearing the slate and then I feel calm, clear, and safe again.”

M. B. (PTSD survivor)

“I like the I Create What I Believe! program because it is very accessible. I think it could be very useful for families going through difficult times because it helps you get clear and at the same time it feels like playing and isn’t threatening.”

B.S., (PTSD survivor)

“The I Create What I Believe! program really accelerated and enhanced the group and individual therapy I was doing at the VA for my PTSD. The difference was clearly visible to my family, group members, friends, and me. After the first workshop I was able to talk openly and honestly with my daughters about things I had never been able to speak about before. It felt wonderful and they were very appreciative. I also found myself being drawn to new tastes, colors, and textures, and noticed that I wasn’t reacting in the old way to stressful situations. When I reflected on this change, I realized my body was automatically drawing the patterns I had discovered were helpful for me without me even being aware of it. This was remarkable.

My wife and I have been together for over 38 years and during this time we have never been able to come together on one issue. It was frustrating because it felt the problem stemmed from her not understanding what I was trying to say. Then one day it occurred to me that I needed to map it out or draw it out on paper while I was talking to her about this problem. Using simple lines I was finally able to fully and clearly express myself, and when I was done she was in awe. For the first time in 38 years she said, “I get it! I have never understood before, but I do now!” This experience was a real turning point in our relationship. It also unleashed something in me that allowed me to be different, though I didn’t realize the depth of my healing until this past week.

Last week I decided to go camping by myself for a week. In the past, because of my PTSD, I have had difficulty being around people and also being alone. This trip was different. I spent a whole week by myself and for the first time in my life I experienced solitude, instead of isolation. It was amazing!

I highly recommend I Create What I Believe! program for all veterans, husbands, and fathers, because it helped me move beyond limiting beliefs, express myself fully, and connect more deeply with my family and myself. I also recommend you doing it more then once. I did it three times. Even though it was the same material each time I took the workshop it took me to another level. I got twice as much out of it the second time and three times as much out the third time.”

S. B. (PTSD survivor)