Creative Problem-Solving

Research has shown that art and music enhance the learning process. Some people stop at the notation that we need to include art and music as part of school curriculum because it enables nonlinear thinkers a place to excel. This kind of thinking discounts and indicates a lack of awareness of how and why art affects the mind. When art is taught in a non-goal oriented perspective it can bring about a calmer, more receptive state of mind. What is actually taking place is the system is moving out of automatic and/or fight or flight and moving into the conscious mind. This is where creative problem solving and innovative thinking takes place. This mind state also encourages integration of all learning information.

Today’s Pilot Story

“The labyrinth is my favorite activity to show and observe. I am interested to note whether students can and will indeed slow down. I have noticed that students with ADD have a very difficult time coordinating their breath with their movement. Yet when they DO, there is a noticeable calm that comes over them. I have also observed this practice does not come easily and really needs to be done on a daily basis for them to “Get It” into their bodies. Students have said of the labyrinth: “I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. I felt stupid”, strange, awkward, intense, mysterious, uncertain, but also relaxed, calm, sleepy…”

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