Changing Our Perceptions

We all know that feeling of contentment that can wash over us when we are at peace with life and ourselves.  Many of us are also familiar with that feeling of wanting to jump out of our skin or react with behavior that is neither constructive nor conscious.

Where could this disparity of such opposite reactions stem from? The answer is–our thoughts, and fundamental beliefs and perceptions. Wherever we are not conscious and fully present, our subconscious mind takes over and runs the show. Now this is fine if all of the beliefs, perceptions and behaviors you acquired in the first six years of your life, were accurate and supportive.  If they weren’t, you might want to think about transforming any beliefs and perceptions that are inaccurate or counterproductive.

Traditionally mediation and Buddhist mindfulness have been used to transform behavior and refine perceptions, but I have also seen individuals use many other approaches including sports, gardening, and creativity to quiet their mind, clear their perceptions and become more at peace with life and themselves.

The following video illustrates how changing our perceptions we can change our life experience more eloquently then I can express with words.

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