The Perfect Gift

I grew-up in an environment that lead me to believe that who I was and most of what I did was wrong. My mind took on this belief and stored it in my subconscious mind.  As I got older that belief played out repeatedly––I was a perpetual magnet for people and situations that reinforced the belief that I was wrong.

Since my subconscious mind could process 40 million bits of external stimuli a second, while my conscious mind could only process 40 bits per second, no matter how hard I consciously tried to be good I always ended up doing something that would nullify my actions. This behavior just reinforced the belief that I was wrong—that is until I began to see the real source of my problem and changed my beliefs.

In this time of change, it is time to change––not necessarily ourselves but maybe the way we view our life circumstances or ourselves.

Julie Butterfly Hill, in a speech at the Omega Institute said, “…We are exactly who we were meant to be. Everything we know as our assets and even things that we might have been tricked into believing aren’t good about ourselves…”

Once we truly see ourselves, and embrace all of ourselves then we can attract the life that really belongs to us, because in that space, as Julie also says, “…Everything of who you are is the perfect gift of what you have to offer the world. It is just learning what direction to channel it that sets you up in the world for a success…there is no fixing or changing of ourselves there is just being ourselves authentically in the moment and going on the journey and seeing where that leads us…”

When we are balanced it is easier to see the forest through the trees. It is also easier to not get caught up in any old patterns or beliefs we might have acquired from our parents, siblings or peers. So take some time today to do something that makes you happy, and connects you with yourself, because that will help you step out of the old and see things from a clearer perspective.

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