Didn’t Come Back

I have noticed that my mind sometimes wanders when my system is overloaded and needs a break. It is as if my brain is saying, “That is enough! I am out of here! I need a mini vacation!” When this happens, even though my body is still in the room, my mind leaves the premises.

I often got in trouble when I was a youngster because my system got overloaded so easily and subsequently my mind was always wandering. Now, after many years of practice I am able to hold my focus for a much longer time. I still pay attention to my mind’s desire to wander because it is usually an indicator that either the situation I am in is too stressful for me, or something about the situation is out of balance.

The specifics aren’t important. What is important is that I pay attention to that inner barometer (my mind wandering) and get my body—and mind— out of the situation. When I do this, I find I am much happier and a lot more energized. So if you find your mind wandering, ask yourself “why?” And then take action. If your mind wanders and won’t come back—then I think it might be time for a longer vacation or break from life.

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