Adult Coloring

Many people have told me they love coloring in the new adult coloring books. While I find coloring in predesigned coloring books too restrictive, at the same time, I can see how they can be a great source of pleasure and creative expansion for others. On that note, I would like to offer some insights on how to enhance your coloring experience so that it goes from just fun and enjoyable to physically, emotionally, and spiritually transformative.

Here are my suggestions:

When you draw or color in straight lines (back and forth), you create a different frequency than when your color in a circular motion. It is the frequency that is created by both the motion and the color you are using that affects your body-mind state. When you color—your own drawings, doodles, or in predesigned coloring books—pay attention to how you naturally move the crayon, pen, or colored pencil. If it is a circular motion, then also pay attention to the direction you find the more pleasurable. Do you prefer clockwise or counter-clockwise? If you prefer to color in a back-and-forth or straight-line motion, then also pay attention to whether you prefer coloring in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern.

What you are uncovering is the innate movement pattern that allows you to unravel or release that which you not longer need, thus allowing you to become who you really are.

The arts have always been a vehicle for self-transformation, but now with coloring books, doodles, or the ICWIB Program, you don’t have to be a trained artist to reap the benefits of the creative process. Simple scribbling, doodling, and coloring in coloring books can now help you reduce stress and bring you back home to yourself.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE.

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