Humor is a wonderful antidote for stress, a delightful way to release bottled-up emotions and ultimately change your perceptions. Some people are natural comedians, while others may find themselves stifled in this department.

I grew-up in an environment where thinking differently was frowned on and poking fun at something was not tolerated, so my humorist outlook on life crept into my art. I didn’t like drawing something the way others saw it, but rather the way my mind liked to twist and reform it. My art became my haven—a place where I could find solace, safety, and express myself.

After many years of playing with the edge in this manner, now I rarely see just a tree or just a dispenser for the dog dropping bags. I see dancing elephants, characters with outstretched tongues, and horse heads in trees. This was a constant source of entertainment when I was a child, and as you can see from the picture above, it continues to be part of my daily life.

If you would like to break out of a mold and explore new horizons in your mind, I suggest you explore some of the ICWIB activities. The one I would like to suggest today is called “What Do You See?” The process is very simple, but the outcome can be quite grand.

  1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  2. After the third deep breath allow your non-dominant hand to scribble whatever it wants.
  3. When you feel done with the scribbling, open your eyes and see what images you can see in the scribbles.
  4. Remember to turn your paper all four ways because you might find additional images if you turn your paper upside down or sideways.
  5. When you see something you can outline it with a different color or additional lines to make the image more prominent or color it in.
  6. This activity is a great way to increase your observational skills, release stress and entertain yourself.

If you enjoyed this activity, I invite you to explore some more of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE.

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