Manifest Change Though Mastery

In this short but informative video, Bruce explains that how we see and perceive the world not only controls our genetics and behavior, but it also changes how we create in the world. That just knowing this information is not enough. We have to actively apply the principles to our life to facilitate change. Lets look at how this can take place.

Your mind’s perception of the world changes the chemistry of your body, which in turn changes your cells. One might assume that if you can control your mind, then you could control your chemistry. This is not completely true, because we actually have two minds—our subconscious mind and our conscious mind.

Your conscious, creative mind allows you to see or project into the future, into the past, and solve problems. The subconscious mind, the other mind, is more of a habit mind. Once you learn something, this part of the mind will just do it automatically for you. This is also where our fundamental beliefs about life and ourselves are stored.

It is important to remember that the subconscious and conscious mind is an either/or system—meaning you can either be in your subconscious mind or your conscious mind, but you can’t be in both simultaneously. It is also important to remember that in the first six years of life, the brain is in the functional state of theta—copy and paste—which is like hypnosis. This means the mind is like a television camera recording everything it sees. What we see becomes our fundamental beliefs about life.

So is there a simple way can we change beliefs if they are inaccurate and self-sabotaging? Yes!

The I Create What I Believe! Program, endorsed by Dr. Lipton and based on his research, offers fun and scientifically sound tools to help both children and adults learn how to change their fundamental beliefs about life and themselves.

Here Is How They Work

The ICWIB! exploratory activities are designed to first teach the child or adult how to tell when they are in their conscious mind vs. their subconscious mind. Then the same activities can be used to help the individual learn how to move from their reactive mind into their problem-solving mind quickly and effectively. This alone can bring about significant changes in your life because if you activate the conscious mind, you suspend the subconscious mind and your tapes. This in turn creates an opportunity for you to consciously create a new and more effective response. Bruce refers to this as a “response interrupt.”

In addition to the ICWIB! Program being based on Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research, the activities also use the scientific principles of constructive and destructive interference, as well as multiple Eastern healing practices. For example, the fourth ICWIB! activity, Labyrinth, incorporates yogic breathing and labyrinth walking as a way to move from the reactive mind into the problem-solving mind. This is accomplished quite simply by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, thus moving you out of fight or flight.

Once you learn the Labyrinth activity, you can do it on your leg or your arm with your finger. This means you then have the capacity to shift from one brain state to another effortlessly anytime and in any situation. This is important because science has now revealed that normally our life is run by our subconscious mind (our tapes) 95% of the time while our conscious mind runs our system about 5% of the time. Just increasing the amount of time that your conscious mind is providing directions to your biology can facilitate a significant change in your life.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore the Labyrinth and some of the other ICWIB! art activities and videos for FREE because they are a wonderful way for you to learn how to detect which part of the mind is running your system and subsequently shift from your subconscious or reactive mind to your conscious problem-solving mind.

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