Pregnant Women and Their Babies

In this wonderful video interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, he talks about how the environment that a cell lives in controls the fate of the cell. It doesn’t matter if it is one cell or the billions of cells that make up a fetus—it is still the same response. So the question is: What environment is controlling the development of the fetus? Momma! The mother’s environment shapes the fetal environment.

Historically, when a pregnant woman would visit her obstetrician he would ask her three questions: Are you eating well? Are you taking vitamins and minerals? Are you exercising? Why so few questions? The answer is this: Medicine used to believe that the genes control the fetus’s development. This was called genetic determination. This perspective believed that the development of the baby had nothing to do with the mother. The mother’s only role was nutrition—to feed the baby.

Now the new science called epigenetics says the environment controls the genes. So what is in the mother’s blood besides nutrition? The chemistry of the mother’s emotions and all of the other factors that controls the mother’s body is also in the blood. They filter through the placenta and affect the fetus.

We also now know the baby’s brain starts learning half way through pregnancy. This means the baby is learning the emotional patterns and behaviors of the mother through the chemistry of her blood before it is born. It is important to also note that the father has a role in the fetus’s development. If the father is unsupportive, irritable, or upsets the mother, that is translated and transmitted to the baby. On the other hand, if both the father and mother are aware of their impact on the child’s development and make an effort to create a peaceful, stable, supportive, and loving environment during pregnancy, then that perspective of the world is transmitted to the growing infant.

Is there something you can do if you received negative or unsupportive patterns during your gestation period? Absolutely!

The I Create What I Believe! (ICWIB!) Program, which is endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton and based on his research, has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to help both children and adults transform beliefs and perceptions that are hindering their ability to thrive.

How could something as simple as scribbling help an individual transform stifling beliefs in their subconscious mind? To an outside observer, it may look like we are scribbling, but this unique approach is actually a form of biofeedback and mindfulness training, which are great methods for transforming and updating the software between your ears.

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