When I studied art in college I had a wonderful teacher for life drawing who changed the way I drew and changed my life. At the beginning of each class he had us draw on very large tablets of paper because he felt it was a great way to encourage us to bring our whole body, mind, and spirit into the drawing. Each drawing or sketch was timed and the time was shortened with each drawing. The faster we drew, the more we had to bring all of our body, mind, and spirit into the drawing. I can still remember the sweat pouring down my body and the “high” of the energy running through me. I was no longer thinking, looking, measuring, or calculating. I was sensing the model and I was breathing with the model. In the process I became one with the model.

Some of my best drawing “erupted” in that class, but more importantly I learned how to merge with my subject matter and let it speak through me. I think that is the reason I am so addicted to drawing—it shifts brain states and helps me connect more deeply with life.

I still have my teacher in my head guiding me at times to get me out of my thoughts and connect more deeply with my subject. When I can’t hear him or feel his energy guiding me, I turn to the first activity in the ICWIB Program, Just Scribble. Why? Because it pulls me inward, increases my focus, relaxes my body, and silences the chatter in my mind. In the process, I return home to myself, which ultimately is my real goal.

Historically, I have also used the Just Scribble activity to bring forth images for my artwork, crystalize my clarity, and reconnect with myself in a deeper way. If I don’t have crayons and paper with me, I use my finger on my leg or the palm of my hand. In the process I am able to slow down, pull myself inward and focus more deeply. What I am doing is purposely shifting from my reactive mind, which is where our tapes are stored, to my conscious, problem-solving mind.

With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE.

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