Go Where the River Flows Freely

I have come to the conclusion that nature is my best friend and teacher. It mirrors me, supports me, and constantly provides me with guidance if I am awake enough to hear it speak. Just going for a walk can clear my head, sooth the sadness in my heart, and lift weight off my shoulders. In its infinite way, nature provides me with continuous guidance that helps to keep me from being sucked into today’s crazy storyline. A river, a bird, even an insect can provide me with answers. I only need to be awake and willing to listen and observe.

Connecting with nature quiets the chatter in my head and helps me reconnect with my true nature. Listening to nature reminds me I am not alone and I have never been alone. Partnering with nature empowers me to be my best and helps keep me on my chosen path. So when I feel lost and overwhelmed by the burdens of life, I try to reconnect with nature, even if it is just observing a spider weaving its web or a weed pushing it way through the sidewalk.

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