To me, drawing is a sensing activity. This approach has the capacity to draw me fully into the present moment. I begin by allowing my hands and my whole being to sense the shape and texture of what wants to arise out of the paper. It is as if the image already exists— I just need to find it and fully experience it for it to be released on paper.

There is no thinking in this process, just feeling, sensing, and allowing. When I feel done, I step back and observe what has emerged. It is at that point that I also review the accuracy of my rendering. Does it generate or duplicate the original feeling I felt deep within my heart? The size and dimension sometimes is very apparent, but sometimes I need to step back and let my eyes trace and retrace my lines before I am able to gather enough information about the origin, nature, and purpose of what wants to arise on my paper.

Rarely do I just think, I want to draw an object and then set out to do that, instead drawing tends to be a messenger that provides me insight and guidance. Maurice Raynal, an art critic and supporter of the cubist movement, remarked that because of the development of cubism “art was no longer merely a record of the sensations bombarding the retina; it was the result of intelligent, mobile investigation.”

I created the ICWIB! Program because I felt everyone could benefit from this mobile investigation, which is provided by the sensing and exploratory aspect of the creative process. Ultimately, you don’t even have to use the process to draw or paint, instead you can use it to uproot your dreams and uncover a way to create a life that supports your authentic nature.

We are all creating our life, whether we are aware of it or not. With this in mind, I invite you to explore some of the ICWIB art activities and videos for FREE because they are a wonderful way strengthen your sensing ability, reconnect with your true nature, and subsequently help you create a more joyous and authentic life.

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